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Sunday, December 11, 2011

hook man: very scary true story

once, a girl and a boy were out on a date. they were driving home. they were on a road called maple street. they stopped the car, pulled over, turned on the radio, and began to talk. soon, the radio stopped. instead of music they heard an announcement saying that a crazy man with a hook for a hand had just escaped a local prison. then it said there would be more updates on where the man was. the music came back on. a few minutes later the music was interrupted again by a news broadcast saying that the crazy man was near maple street. the girl said, "we should get home, this isn't safe" but the boy told her it was fine, and they started talking again. then the music was interrupted once more. this time it said that the man was spotted on maple street, and anyone near there should go home immediately. the boy drove away and when he got home he got out of the car he went around to the other side to let her out. he saw a hook hanging on the door handle. the hook man had just grabbed on to the door with his hook when they drove away. they had pulled off his hook. maple street is now called hook man rode.

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