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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Samara sleepover game

Items Needed: Tea light
one friend

1. turn off all lights in house
leave on light in a room on (not bathroom light)

2. go in bathroom
have your friend stand outside the door
turn on tealight
turn off bathroom light
shut door

3. face mirror
say "join me"
do this to each wall once

4. face mirror again
say "i am ready"
close your eyes and spin around thirteen times while saying "samara"
open eyes

5. you will see samara's bloody, dirty face and black hair
scream "samara"
your friend must open the door within five seconds of your scream
if she/he does not samara will take you with her

6. if your friend does upen the door run to the room with light in it.
DO NOT turn tea light off, samara is still with you
if you turn the tealight off samara will take you with her

7. scream "you are not welcome!"
samara is gone.
turn off the tealight.


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