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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Chucky: scary story

a little girl had been doing very well in school. her parents decided to let her get a doll from the store as a reward. there were barbies and lots of pretty dolls, but she chose to get a clown doll holding up 3 fingers. her house had 4 stories and she left her doll on the first. then she went to the fourth floor where her bedroom was and got in bed. then a while later she heard, "I'm on the second floor" she called for her parents and they told her to go back to sleep. then she heard "I'm on the third floor" she called again for her parents but they said the same thing. then she heard "I'm on the fourth floor" she called for her parents and they came and told her to be quiet and go to sleep. she heard "I'm at the door" she started screaming but her parents wouldn't come. "I'm on your dresser" they still wouldn't come. "I'm on your bed" and then the doll killed her.

     a while later the girl's parents were at the store and they were in the toy aisle. they saw the exact same clown doll, except this time holding up 4 fingers*

*the number of fingers the doll is holding up is the number of people he has killed

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