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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bury mary (scary story)

  Once, a long time ago, when the doctors didn't know much because of the lack of technology, there was a girl names Mary.

  Mary lived in a small house with her mother. Her father had died when she was three, seven before this story took place.

  One day, Mary got very sick, and fell into a coma.  The doctor thought she was dead, and he arranged for her to be buried.

  Mary was buried in a cemetery not far from where she lived.

  The day after Mary was buried alive, a friend of her's came to visit Mary's grave. While her friend was there, Mary awoke from from her coma and realized where she was. She began scratching at her coffin rapidly. Her friend left, not able to hear the scratching.

  After hours of scratching Mary began to run out of air. Right when she did her mother showed up. Mary scratched a few more times and managed one for scream. Then she curled up in the corner and died.

  Her mother thought she had heard the scream, so she god the police for her town and had her daughter unburied.

 When they opened the coffin, there were scratch marks on the lid, and Mary's fingers were bloody and short from scratching and punching.

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